Aggregation 07-N081

Chun Kwang Young
Price on request
Mixed media with Korean mulberry paper
163 x 131 cm
Signed on the reverse
Available For Sale
Boon Art Gallery // Knokke Private collection
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The Eastern Gesture, Five voices from the Korean avant-garde, IT, Milan, Dep Art Gallery, The Eastern Gesture, Five voices from the Korean avant-garde, curated G. Ranzi, pp. 63-652020


Asking PricePrice on request -

About The Artist

Chun Kwang Young is a Korean sculptor, born in 1944 in Hongchun, South Korea. He is known for his monumental sculptures made of pa....Read More

About The Gallery

The Dep Art Gallery was founded in 2006 by Antonio Addamiano. Addamiano has united a deep passion and knowledge of art to economic....Read More
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