Corner of a mattress (Paris Review: Multimousse)

Claes Oldenburg
96.5 x 63.5 cm
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This screenprint was printed in two colors on white, very thick and smooth paper. In plate: Paris Review/ Multimousse. This piece derives from an edition of 150, is signed and numbered in pencil. The 'poster' edition was published in an unknown number and unsigned. These were printed by Steven Poleskie at Chiron Press, New York. About this piece, Oldenburg is recorded saying: 'I started to work last summer on a poster for the Paris Review which took the form of a mattress, or the corner of a mattress. And this corner of a mattress, I think, led directly to an absorption in the island of Manhattan, which not only looks somewhat like this mattress, but also by the word 'Manhattan' suggest mattress. You could think of saying Manhatress for example.

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