de-finition/method:; the work is divided into three parts, A, M, and Z.; A is a fixed group of 100 canvases, each with a different format. they are non-painted and displayed in stacks in the same space. the 100 canvases serve as base-line models for 100 replicas. once a canvas is chosen to be replicated, it is painted the same color as the wall on which it's hung. A is constituted of the all the canvases that comprise "AMZ" at its beginning.; M is composed of all the replicas of the A canvases that have been taken in charge, and, as these replicas are actualized wherever the charge-taker chooses, it is necessarily dispersed. it's also unstable because the rule controlling the construction of the m replicas includes a variant linked to the charge-taker's life. each m replica reproduces its a model, but in a form reduced according to two parameters: the distance separating the m from A - the farther from A, the greater the reduction - and the order in the list of charge-taking - the longer you wait to buy a part of AMZ, the greater the reduction rate. so, in short, each time a charge-taker moves, he or she will have to reconstruct the canvas. and if A is ever moved, all the M canvases will have to be reconstructed. The canvases that compose M are painted the same color as the wall on which they're hung.; Z is a fixed and stable collection of 100 papers whose dimensions record the difference of surface area between each m replica and its model in A. the format of each paper is homothetic to that of the a and m corresponding canvases. its color will be determined by that of the wall: if the wall is white, the paper can be any color other than white; if the wall is not white, the paper must be white. the Z section is managed by the centre des livres d'artistes, 1 place attane, 87500, saint-yrieix-la-perche, france; other necessary details of the functioning of this piece are to be found in existing publications on the work.

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