de-finition/method:; an inventory of the works of the collection, made of small canvases lined up on one or more shelves like library books. when a charge-taker acquires a new work, he or she paints a new small canvas the same color as the wall and hangs it as a caption to the new work entering the collection. when the next work is acquired, the previous small canvas is put away on the shelf, and the process goes on. the inventory records the colors of the walls on which the collection is shown.; if the charge-taker sells a work, the corresponding canvas will not be removed from the shelf; instead, it will be painted black. little by little "collection 20" becomes autonomous. it could even constitute the sole and last work of the collection.

About The Gallery

Perrotin Seoul
Founded in Paris in 1990 by Emmanuel Perrotin, then 21 years old, the gallery has become one of the most
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