1989-1990 ; de-finition/method:; two stacks placed directly on the floor, one horizontal stack placed flat, with a vertical stack leaning up against it. though the stacks are different, all the canvases in them have the same format, which is a standard one. the stacks do not contain the same number of canvases.; the canvases have no prior relationship to the space other than the fact that they're there together. one of the stacks is composed of non-painted can- vases, and the other, of canvases painted any color but that of the walls of the space.; no canvas will be hung, but one canvas from one of the stacks will be slipped into the other stack. the color of the painted stack will change with each new actualization.

About The Gallery

Perrotin Seoul
Founded in Paris in 1990 by Emmanuel Perrotin, then 21 years old, the gallery has become one of the most
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