de-finition/method mobile double-canvases, 3 pairs

Claude Rutault
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Paint on canvas
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Thank for your interest in de-finition/method mobile double-canvases, 3 pairs by Claude Rutault, proposed by Perrotin. The asking price is currently 0 USD ($)

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de-finition/method:; two identical canvases, maximum dimension 195 x 60 cm (6.4 feet x 231/2 inches), are fixed back to back, making a pair.; at least three of these pairs of canvases are joined together by hinges. they are considered paintings. there are several possibilities, and they can be actualized in succession. having no more direct contact with a wall, the canvases can be left non-painted on both sides. the two faces could also be treated in different ways: the canvases facing a wall could be painted the same color as the wall, and those not facing the wall could be left non-painted. or both canvases, recto and verso, could be painted the color of the wall.; connecting the canvases with hinges allows for a wide range of configurations, from the widest angle that still allows them to stand freely to completely folded together, creating a stack.


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Claude Rutault is a French both minimalist and conceptual artist, best known for the original way of expression he created and nam....Read More

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