de-finition/method:; stacks of canvases leaning against the walls of an autonomous space, one stack against each wall. the shapes, the formats, and the number of canvases vary from stack to stack and from one actualization to another. the stacks form a whole that is variable but indivisible.; for its first actualization, the work was composed of four stacks set directly on the floor. other stacks can be added if more walls are added, or taken away if walls are removed.; a single canvas will be taken from each of the stacks and painted the same color as the wall on which it's then hung.; the canvases can be non-painted, primed, or repainted. a stack can be made from the un-hung paintings in the charge-taker's collection.

About The Gallery

Perrotin Seoul
Founded in Paris in 1990 by Emmanuel Perrotin, then 21 years old, the gallery has become one of the most
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