de-finition/method:; first the work presents itself as a single stack of 48 canvases in different formats, all painted white. the 48 canvases will be divided into four sections of 12 canvases each. three of the sections are taken in charge by three different people. each person uses his canvases following a protocol that they will define together. the fourth section is stored in a neutral yet public space: a museum, a foundation...; "stack in common" will be actualized after a meeting of the three partners and the artist. at the end of this meeting, they will write a text together defining precisely the possibilities of the work, both for its entirety and for its different parts. the text must be a consensus. at the end of the meeting, the partners choose a storage location and decide who gets which section of the work. partners and the artist discuss the parameters of the presentation of the sections: e.g., should the canvases be stacked or hung? should each section remain entire or be dispersed? etc. the unused canvases are returned to the storage space.; the storage space can change if all partners agree to it. each can lend his or her section for an exhibition, and partners can get together and construct a collective work. one of them can buy a section from one of the two remaining partners, but not both sections, as that would put an end to the joint ownership.

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