de-finition/method :; paso-doble revolves around the poster made for the eponymous show, paso doble, organized by the mamco in 1994 at the asher edelman foundation in lausanne. a huge canvas painted the same color as the wall is featured in the center of the poster. eleven pairs of names float around this canvas, pairing claude rutault's name with those of eleven other artists, thus doubling the show, which confronted extremely diverse works, from paintings to photographs, with various de-finitions/methods. the choice of the artists had been left to christian bernard, the director of the mamco in geneva.; the work consists in framing the poster of the show and presenting it in a random place on the wall, far from the center. a number of pairs of small canvases (18x10 cm, 22x12 cm...) will be positioned on the wall, evoking the steps of the dance, the paso doble. several figures and groups are thus displayed on the wall. the canvases are painted the same color as the wall.

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