We are delighted to present 'Conspiracy Transcended', a seminal work marking the beginning of a new series of paintings by Swedish / American artist Clay Ketter. The relevance of the work has only grown since its original conception in 2019, underscoring its critical significance.
Painted on top of an enlarged photographic reproduction of a famous conspiracy diagram, the artist recently remarked: Conspiracy Transcended is a painted-upon deletion of all the text-based information on a well-known conspiracy theory chart, leaving only the circlings and arrows of the diagram. I find the remaining patterns on this field together with the painted surface very pleasing. Pleasing by default.; I did not deem the textual content of the conspiracy theory to be true or false, nor did I question the purported relationships between the entries. I did not consider the content at all. I transcended the content. Honestly, I think these works, which are aimed at transcending intended content, suggest that this transcendence as a form of self-defence against information pollution.

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