Beck's has been one of the biggest supporters of contemporary art. In this first ever 2002 set of Limited Edition glasses, Becks's highlights one of Britain's most famous artist, Damien Hirst, with a painting he created for Beck's in 1995 to celebrate ten years of Beck's and the Arts. The "Opium" Pilsner-shape glass is a prize Hirst collectible.

DAMIEN HIRST (1965- ) Macabre bad-boy Damien Hirst, one of the most prominent and notorious British artists was catapulted to international art stardom with his a 14-foot tiger shark suspended in a formaldehyde filled vitrine. All of Hirst's works contain his ironic wit, and question art's role in contemporary culture as he challenges the boundaries between art and science, and addresses the big questions of life, love, and death. Some of his most sought after pieces are the arrangements of color spots with titles that refer to pharmaceutical chemicals, known as Spot paintings.

Original Limited Edition Pilsner-shape beer glass, 2002. Edition Size: 4000. Dimensions: 7 inches tall. Artist's name printed in lower case enamel," and Beck's Beer enamel logo printed on the back. Published by Beck's Beer. New Condition; never used, and packaged in original box. Certificate of Authenticity included.

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