Sculpted in 1767, the original 'Bather' was Christophe-Gabriel Allegrain's masterpiece, commissioned by Louis XV, who offered the completed masterpiece it to his mistress, Madame Du Barry, who placed it in the park of her home, the Chateau de Louveciennes. For the commission, Allegrain was delivered a faulty block of marble, full of veins and bluish marks, however the final work was lauded widely. Diderot said of the sculpture 'beautiful, beautiful, sublime figure; even the most beautiful, they say, the most beautiful figure of a woman the moderns have created,' at the 1767 Salon. During the Revolution, the sculpture was seized along with another work by Allegrain, the 'Diana and Actaeon.'
The original work entered the Louvre Museum collection before 1824.

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