Untitled (NR. 5), 2000

Daniel Gottin
1,100 GBP (£)
Acrylic on wood
22 x 20 x 5.5 cm
Unique artwork
Perfect. First hand item.
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From the artist’s studio
“Daniel’s art possesses clarity and thoughtfulness. But this clarity is not the result of a fixed or repetitive position or strategy. Instead, his art is iterative, responding to changing conditions and environments. Different aspects of his work, both the works made on the wall and the objects made for the wall, are inter-related and work off of and reflect on each other. There is a wholeness to what Daniel refers to as an entity—his body of work.” (Chris Ashley, Minus Space)
abstract art,abstract painting,painting
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This work is one of several wooden wall objects consisting of four units of the same size (5.5cm/20cm/5.5cm).

Each of the four wooden blocks is painted with a different colour on the front side. The lowest block is the base, and fixed to the wall. The three other blocks piled up, can playfully be interverted. The wooden surface is shining through the paint and the structure becomes part of the painting.

The idea is here to create an artwork that challenges the owner, who can modify the wall object depending on his/her own mood and preference.


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About The Artist

Daniel Göttin is a Swiss artist. Working in a manner of minimal art, Daniel creates site-specific wall-works and paintings.Read More

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160 FERNHEAD ROAD,London, United Kingdom
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