The new work explores and manipulates the human form, sometimes with brutality, at other times with the utmost sensitivity. An analyst, an archaeologist and an artist, he moves constantly between styles, examining the physical and emotional impact of the body and its representation.; This new series of ceramic heads was created by the artist working alone in his studio, before and during the period of Covid-19 lockdown. Silver modelled the pieces in clay, using the faces of shop mannequins as a starting point and then letting each work develop its own characteristics and personality. Once kiln-fired, each head was then finished with vibrantly coloured inks and acrylic paint. The artist regards these heads as individuals from a rather dream-like family, familiar yet slightly surreal.

About The Gallery

OMR was founded in 1983 and through over 400 exhibitions and 20 years of participation in art fairs, has developed
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