Clevegan: City System with Invisible Diagram Line Possibility and Hollow Green Grey Velocity Transmitter: Forecasting Machine with Suspended City and Ice Habitats with Fire Networks; Miniature and Thermal Elements with Utopian Underground Segments with Safety Routes in Snow Green With Developments Contraption and Triangle Headquarters and Complete Love Algorithm and Magnetic Diagram for Beauty.

This work is a diptych, each element's dimensions are 39 x 27.5" / 100 x 70 cm. For shipping outside the USA, the 2 elements will need to be assembled by a local framer upon arrival.

Tegeder has called her compositions “plans for Utopian spaces.” Her distinctive visual language mobilizes a personal, abstract cosmology that echoes early modernist abstraction, from Constructivism and Suprematism, to Neo-Concrete artists like Gego and Lygia Clark, to the absurdist technical drawings of Francis Picabia.

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