Ansel Adams brought the majesty of Snake River and the Tetons into the homes of Americans in 1942. So there is no real commercial merit in a photographer travelling; to this sensational destination in Wyoming and taking a loose landscape image on a tripod. They may take a beautiful image, but manifestly they would also be 79 years; behind the curve. Teton National Park is an imperial amphitheatre deserving not only our attention, but also our respect, and we are rather late in the game in; documenting its magnificence. New images of the Eiffel Tower rarely make a Sotheby's auction.; My strategy in the Tetons was to play with what we had and be authentic in the additives. We threw around many ideas and then threw most out.The most authentic; suggestion was the idea of working with a native American in a19th century canoe on Snake River itself. The concept was sound, but the execution was hampered by the; fact that the most scenic stretches of the river are three miles further east from the mountains than I would like. On a standard lens, the peaks lose some of their sense; of enormity. But there is one stretch of water where the river runs parallel and much closer to the mountain base. The river banks are a little higher and block the base,; but this was a small price to pay for the improved proximity between the canoe and the mountain range.; In good light, this was always a late afternoon location, and the January temperature that day was low. I knew I was going to get wet and cold as the camera needed to; be on the river's surface and that meant me being deep in the river in normal ski clothing. The lower the camera, the more the mountains were amplified, and the canoe; would also then be flat to my camera. The picture was all that mattered in those 10 minutes, not my comfort.; Haatepah in the canoe was so game and did an extraordinary job.

The Wild West series

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