Working with remote control cameras and lions in the Serengeti is a low percentage gig. So much so, that this is the first time it has; really come off in these endless plains during my entire career. But it is nice to start with a bang.; There are usually three problems. Firstly; the lion or lioness has to be on the move so that a path can be anticipated, otherwise why; would one camera position be better than another? The odds of simply placing a camera down and hoping to get lucky are longer; than Scotland winning The World Cup. Secondly; there may be no spot that works, given the terrain, high grass or muddled; background being two common foes. The third problem is that the lion can sometimes depart with the camera and finding it is a; huge task!; But this photograph, taken in August 2020, is validation for continuing to try and reward for never quitting on an idea. Build it; and they will come.
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