Wagons evoke childhood memories of watching John Wayne Westerns on the BBC on cold winter evenings. No mode of transport is more emblematic of the great; push West and the attendant dangers. For a storyteller of life on the final frontier, props don't get any better, but finding an authentic one and taking it to the; pre-researched location in the wilderness of West Texas is a challenge and an expense.; Anyhow, those issues overcome, the biggest problem with photographing a wagon on the move is that it does not suit my style of photography which would tend to; be to shoot towards the oncoming wagon. This is simply because the horses' heads will be at least 10 feet in front of the people driving the wagon. One or other would; be in focus, but never both. To have the foreground subject out of focus is a tension point in any photograph and to have the human characters out of focus would; seem fairly suboptimal. I wrestled with this the night before the shot and finally it dawned on me what to do.; I think it works and I have always wanted to have a picture with this title. I am sure they made it to Amarillo by morning,; The whole image smells of old Texas and that was the goal.

Texas series

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