As is typical with my hippo work, this is the last frame in the sequence before safety dictated that I had to go. I was indeed charged; and I now have a degree of hippo phobia.; Running away from a hippo with a camera and reasonable sized lens is not a comfortable experience, as turning around to check; whether the charge is a mock one, is not natural. Instinctively, the reaction to a charge is to run. 99.9% of the time the hippo is; bluffing, but those moments are never about doing the maths.; But the validation of the approach is in this photograph. I need to be at eye level and preferably have the whole face showing as; this is the most prehistoric face of any animal on the planet. The soft early morning light gives the best chance of glorifying its; textural extravagance and that is why we had some early starts in Ruaha National Park in Tanzania. The camera should be an; amplifier to the distinctive features of the subject and with a hippo, it's certainly the face.
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