*SIZES AND EDITIONS:; Large - 56" x 88" Unframed, 71" x 103" Framed - Edition of 12; Standard - 37" x 58" Unframed, 52" x 73" Framed - Edition of 12
Narrative:; This photograph was a spontaneous behind the scenes shot taken early one winter morning high up in Canyonlands National Park, Utah.; The cowboys we had on set were simply keeping warm, not playing to the camera. When I looked at my camera files later, I realised that we; had something very strong and our galleries were very keen for the work to be released and shown to the public in America and Europe.; This was never our intent, and it is the first time this situation has arisen in ten years.; The grandeur of the American West is well known and well photographed. In our minds, stunning landscapes should complement the shot,; not be the shot. Layered narratives have become core to my style, we like to make a frame sweat. This image is certainly a validation of that; approach.; 99% of my released work is printed in monochrome, but this print works better in colour. I looked back at some of the other work we have; released in colour and they all have one thing in common; my shots with tigers, orangutans and now this image all have the colour orange in; them. Orange is not a normal colour in my work, but when it features, a colour print is often preferable. A black and white print simply; doesn't cope well with orange.; On this occasion, the orange flames from the fire are such a core component of the story that to print this in monochrome would dumb; down the narrative. I am all for the reductive qualities of monochrome, but we always want to tell the best possible story.; There is a lot going on in this image and we know it emotionally connects with those in America drawn to the lore of the West.

142.2 × 223.5, Edition of 12, Contact for price;
94 × 147.3, Contact for price

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