Tanzania; A constant challenge in my work is how to capture the soul of a subject whilst conveying a sense of place. It is a complex alchemy; and one that is easier to address with the war wounds of failure. I am not the first person to wrestle with this - it is integral to; filmmaking and still photography. In fact, it is perhaps the biggest skill of all. For masters of film, such as Steven Spielberg, Ridley; Scott and, of course, Martin Scorsese, their innate ability to do this was transcendental.; This is such a simple picture and it was not hard to take once the subject matter was in place. I wanted the whole image to smell of; the Serengeti without marginalising the star of the show. The ratio seems about right and there was enough wind to add just a little; extra layer to the narrative.
180.3 × 251.5, Contact for price;
132.1 × 180.3, Contact for price

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