The Icelandic Government rebates 25 cents in the dollar for all film work conducted in the country. That, coupled with the; elemental and geologically angry landscape, make for a compelling proposition for film producers. Directors as senior as Clint; Eastwood and Ridley Scott have reaped the benefits whilst leading film franchises such as Bond, Marvel and Fast and Furious have; memorably played on the visuals here.; But in terms of viewer figures, it has been the HBO smash series Game of Thrones that has exposed Iceland's unique visuals to; the world. After all, over 1 billion people are believed to have watched the last series. We have worked recently with one of the; leads in the series - the talented Nathalie Emmanuel - and that has heightened our appreciation of the record-breaking show.; This location, on the south coast near the village of Vik, emphatically offers a Game of Thrones' backdrop, but I needed more; than just a landscape. We needed an Icelandic horse to grab the eye in the foreground and endorse the sense of timeless fantasy; and myth. These horses often have extravagant hair styles than can obstruct their eyes and it dawned on me that the image I was; trying to create could be well served by embracing anonymity. The concept was to take the viewer to a different world.; The overcast weather and cloud cover help the narrative - it does have a Game of Thrones feel to it. I think a sunny morning; would have killed the image.

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