Diamond Beach, on the east coast of Iceland, is well known. We are not doing anything ground breaking in shooting there. Like; all James Bond locations, the reward for fame tends to be human traffic. The ice lagoon immediately to the north of the beach is; one of the most visually intoxicating vistas in the world, but the secret is out - this is the Grand Canyon of the North.; We have looked at the work of others here and also been quite critically examining of our own. We have long had an admiration; for Tim Flach's horse images from this location, but after that there is a bit of a gap. My work has also been fairly mediocre here; over the years.; This photograph - from July of this year - is certainly stronger than anything we have done before. There is a sense of place,; theatrical light and the Icelandic horse is in exactly the right position. I needed that huge lump of ice to be sharp in order to show; its textural beauty and that demanded both horse and ice be on the same focal plane. The bigger iceberg in the sea frames and; completes the story. I have never before achieved compositional balance on this beach.; This can be a busy stretch of coast at 3 pm in mid-summer, but not at 5.15 am when this picture was taken. We went back to our; beds afterwards satisfied that we had finally solved the puzzle as to how to do this place some sort of justice. It is another world,; especially without a tourist in sight.

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180.3 × 254, Contact for price;

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