This is a big picture, but quite clearly an extremely lucky one. It is said that luck is the residue of design, but on this occasion, I think it would be; disingenuous to suggest that we can attribute the capture of a flying horse to a preconceived plan.; There is a spit of sand that only appears on Bantham beach near low tide and, with a long lens, the waves can be quite pronounced behind the; sand. When I scouted the site, I noted the potential of the canvas in front of me, but realised timing would be critical.; Given sunrise and low tide were just after 6 am, this meant for an extremely early start and a cold one too. The only angle that would work for me,; was to be lying in the shallow sea water in front of the spit. The higher my body, the poorer the angle, so getting wet was unavoidable. The; temperature, with the northerly wind, was only about three degrees above freezing.; Occasionally there's a split second of time when everything falls into place and the end result cannot be better and the frame cannot be repeated.; This was one such moment and what was most satisfying, was that we were wrapped before 90% of the nation was even awake. Our lunch was; everyone else's breakfast.

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