This is a beast of a bison. I will leave others to decide if it is a monster of a photograph, but it is as good as I can possibly do. His size, the mountain; on the left, the snow-laden forest on the right, and the virginal snow in the foreground all coalesce in the most fortuitous manner. Meanwhile, the early; morning sunlight allows for every detail on the bison's face.; This portrait was taken with a 35mm lens, the best portrait lens I know and this image is proof as to why. Setting the remote up was not that; challenging as the massive bull was some distance from me at the time, but we then had to hope that we'd got both the maths and the bison's direction; of travel right. But this was down to luck more than judgment and this one image is perhaps the reward for the multiple times we have failed. It is; moments like these that offer the reason for using remotes, rather than just playing it simple and working with a telephoto.; To me, this photograph just shouts "Yellowstone", America's oldest National Park and one that in winter is an artist's dream. There is simply no place; like it on earth. It's a very difficult image to replicate and I hope it will stand the test of time.
180.3 × 243.8, Contact for price;
132.1 × 172.7, Contact for price

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