Serengeti, Tanzania; During most summers, the Serengeti in Tanzania is defined by the traffic and some of the serenity of these endless plains can be; lost. It is considered the crown jewel of the East African game reserves and - in my view - deservedly so. But that status comes; with a price - tourists and jeeps - hundreds of them.; But not so during the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020. We took one of the first international flights in and unsurprisingly found; virtually no one to be here. The swab testing logistics may be a little tiresome, but the light footprint is offering unprecedented; opportunities to work alone in the field. In the vastness of the Eastern Serengeti, there are currently few humans and a huge; number of lions. For those that are here, conditions for film making are perfect.; We sat with this stunning big male lion on the Utafiti kopjes from sunrise one morning. No other jeeps were anywhere in the; region and so when he moved, we could adapt quickly without being inconsiderate to the line of sight of others. At about 7.45 am; he saw a potential prey and with his eyes full of intent, he set off from the rocks above us. I had my chance, when he was still; higher than my camera.; The angle and the line of the rock face work for me, but the real bonus is his rockstar aesthetics. He would not look out of place; headlining at Glastonbury with The Cure. It's an apposite name for 2020.

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