Longhorn cattle are not only emblematic of Texas, they are also the most visually spectacular cows in the world. On location on the abandoned film set of "There Will; Be Blood", we tried different combinations with a few prize-winning cows. But the reality was very clear - they are not camera friendly. In fact, they are considerably; less compliant than the elephants of Amboseli, Kenya.; To achieve this composition was a real test of the team's patience and all my thanks go to Ryan Thompson and his fellow cowboys, who worked with great skill to; engineer this frame. I was doubly appreciative, as lying on the old rail sleepers is not the most comfortable way to spend a morning. It was critical that the bull was; facing me and there were no tension points with his fantastic horns.; Rail roads were so integral to the great push West as indeed were wagons and it struck me that they could complement each other outside a station. There is no real; need for people to be in the image - there is enough there and the composition works. This is a personal favourite of mine.

Texas Series

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