A great facade for an authentic Texas working bar with the two neon lights outside. But this frame was a; technical challenge because these two lights offered insufficient ambient light to give any detail outside - even; before contemplating capturing a rearing horse.; This meant using some LED lighting but we had to be careful not to kill the mood. The only card I had in; my hand was that I could open up the lens and sacrifice depth of field, as all the detail I wanted would be; within a narrow range from my camera. This gave me a chance.; The girls did a great job, as did the cowboy and the horse. The Heath Ledger type; cowboy in the bar was a good addition and then it was just down to luck with the horse on a longish shutter; speed.; A year ago, we did a similar outdoor shot in Big Timber, Montana. Coyote Ugly - as we called it - was well; received (See right). The Lost Horse Saloon was much more of a challenge on so many levels. The two; certainly complement each other very well. Maybe this is the start of something.

Texas Series series

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