This photograph, taken up river at low tide on the Bantham Estuary in Devon, was hatched in my mind when I scouted the location alone the; previous week.; I needed a day when sunset would be coupled with low tide and mathematically that only happens once every two weeks. When shooting west, a; low tide was necessary to be able to work the estuary on foot and a low sun would allow for shade.; Finding the day required just 60 seconds research on the internet, but of course there could be no assurance that the weather on the optimum day; would be good - especially in the UK. Without sunlight, there wouldn't be a picture - I would not have enough light to freeze the action and; secondly there would not be enough contrast between the subject and the background. I needed a beautiful evening and a sky free of cloud.; But that day our luck was in and I was able to shoot the running stallion at 1/3000th of a second. This was enough for every drop of water to be; pin sharp. The configuration of the spray and the shape of the water was always going to be random, I just had to try and focus on the horse's; head. It was a low percentage shot, but this one frame was almost exactly what I had in mind.; I would like to thank my friend Nicholas Johnston for allowing me to work on his stunning estate and also providing the help we needed on the; day.

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