During our travels in America, we have learnt a great deal about cowboys. The difference between someone who can ride competently and a; true working cowboy may ostensibly appear marginal, but in extreme conditions a chasm appears.; To work a horse in -20 degrees, in two feet of fresh snow, whilst holding a weapon in one hand, appearing totally at ease, is a bridge too far; for 99% of riders. So, on this set in Norwood, Colorado we knew we had to work with the best of the best. Ty Mitchell on the left is as; authentic a Texan cowboy as they come and it is no surprise to us that he will soon be on set for three months with Martin Scorsese. I don't; think Scorsese will be disappointed with any aspect of Ty's character. It will not be Ty's first rodeo, Anthony Bourdain featured him when; Parts Unknown visited West Texas and Marfa.; To his right, Michael Malone is a local rancher from Colorado and he immediately impressed us with his understated confidence and ability; to play to a role. I fancy he could ride a horse sidesaddle whilst totally stoned and I sense such a challenge may have been put to the test once; or twice. We welcomed him to the team with open arms.; In my mind, the key variable in this photograph is the light. On a sunny winter's day, with snow on the ground, I believe the best light is; actually in the first three or four minutes when the sun raises its head and touches the subject. 10 minutes after sunrise is too late as the sun is; too harsh on the subject. In those initial minutes, the sun can be behind the camera and give the cameraman huge flexibility. In this case, the; flexibility I needed was a very fast shutter speed.

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