This simple image, taken in Kenya, is emblematic of the good news on conservation in specific areas of East Africa and we must embrace good news, even if it sits; uncomfortably with populist headline narrative. The elephant population in Amboseli is thriving. In the last 12 months, over 130 elephants have been born. Some; iconic senior citizens of the ecosystem - notably Tim - have sadly passed away from old age, but none have been lost to poaching in 2020. Indeed, none have been; lost to poaching in over six years. Consequentially, the elephant community here is as large as it has been for many years. Huge credit must be given to the KWS and; NGOs such as Big Life and Tusk.; Amboseli is a paragon of conservation models and what has happened here can happen elsewhere. Seasoned rangers who have seen it all, can be forgiven for being; somewhat indifferent to animal encounters, but when we found this mother with her twins born during Covid 19, they ordered me to stop and document it. I felt; their pride.; There are good news stories out there.

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