The Chimera of Amiens 1900

David Young Cameron
350 GBP (£)
17 x 14 Inch
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Thank for your interest in The Chimera of Amiens 1900 by David Young Cameron, proposed by White Court Art. The asking price is currently 350 GBP (£)

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Gargoyle from Amiens Cathedral

Listed in Frank Rinder's book D. Y. Cameron, An Illustrated Catalogue of Etchings and Drypoints, 1887-1932

Excellent condition, etching and drypoint signed in pencil
Image 10" x 8" Framed 17" x 14"


Asking Price350 GBP (£)-

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David Young Cameron was a Scottish painter, etcher and draughtsman born in Glasgow, in 1865. He was best known for his architectur....Read More

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