Wistmans Wood

Debbie Baxter
1,950 GBP (£)
130 x 110 cm
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This ancient woodland on Dartmoor in the very south west of England is magical & mystical. Over centuries it has stood and has been much written about. Baxter has captured the essence of the place and draws ones eye deep into this dwarf oak forest.

“Scarce hoarier seems the ancient Wood
Whose shivered trunks of age declare
What scath of tempests they have stood
In the rock’s crevice rooted there;
Yet still young foliage, fresh and fair,
Springs forth each mossy bough to dress,
And bid e’en Dartmoor’s valleys share
A Forest-wilderness“.
Sophie Dixon -1829.

Framed in White Wood . Acrylic on board


Asking Price1,950 GBP (£)-

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Debbie Baxter is a British artist widely known and recognized for her paintings and drawings of trees. She studied at The St Alban....Read More

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