Most of Deborah's paintings concentrate on a single bloom, large in size, so stunning that they command the; view of the audience. With great affection she takes care to capture every detail of their texture and shape.; Through the sophistication of her palette, she captures all of the fragility and beauty of her subject.; The painterly appearance of her works belies the fact that their buttery-looking surfaces are actually created by; layers of opaque paint and transparent washes. She pants in oils because she loves their organic purity, their; richness, and the sensual physical qualities of the medium. Focusing on beauty and aesthetics, she uses the; glazing techniques developed by the Dutch Master Artists to achieve depth, luminosity and aerial perspective.; Deborah uses color as emotion. Through it she seems to transfer the power and effect of music to canvas. She; wants show her wonder. Indeed it is her wonder, her razor-sharp vision and her response to that vision that; continues to astonish her audience. In each of her works one finds emphatic color, uncompromising; composition, clear conception and visible signs of execution. These elements are put down without; compromise or contrivance. The vision is hers; the joy belongs to the viewer.

Jean McKig

28' x 22 Contemporary Masters

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