Farm from a Helicopter

Deborah Claxton
15000 - 20000 USD ($)
Works on Paper
Hand cut archival paper mounted to archival board
69.9 x 96.5 x 2 cm
Hand-signed by artist, Signed on verso
Available For Sale
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Thank for your interest in Farm from a Helicopter by Deborah Claxton, proposed by Woodward Gallery. The asking price is currently 15001 USD ($)

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Custom framed with Museum Optium Tru Vue Invisible Acrylic
Artist Deborah Claxton uses her own hand-cut paper technique to amazingly develop her own photographic image into a 'painting' through meticulous detail of layering thousands of tiny bits of special archival colored paper.


Asking Price15000 - 20000 USD ($)15000 - 20000-

About The Artist

Deborah Claxton is an American artist who pioneered the technique of assembling small pieces of paper to create images which look ....Read More

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Woodward Gallery, established 1994, has been a NYC institution fo....Read More

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