Since a monumental version of it first debuted as a public sculpture in Brooklyn Bridge Park in 2015, OY/YO has become Deborah Kass' most instantly recognizable work. Its gleaming, modern form combined with its straightforward investigation of perspective—it says OY when viewed from one side, and YO when viewed from the other—elevates it to a perfect expression of both Pop Art and Pop Criticism. OY/YO evolved from a series of paintings Kass began exploring in 2009, in which she painted the words OY and YO in yellow on a blue background—an appropriation of Ed Ruscha's famous painting OOF (1962). Large-scale, public versions of OY/YO are currently in the permanent collections of museums on opposite coasts: the Brooklyn Museum in New York and the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA.

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