Wishing to use the new language of subjectivity developed throughout the 1980s to rekindle the potential for Feminist painting, Kass began leveraging art history for its cultural clout, cleverly injecting it with her own narrative. Warhol was a natural fit for the gesture, himself having appropriated photography for his signature screenprinted paintings. Kass carefully studied his techniques in order to emulate his style with incredible precision, deftly interjecting her own subject matter. For her initial foray into the series, in place of a portrait of Jackie Kennedy, Kass offered the recognizable profile of Barbra Streisand—an indelible icon of Jewish womanhood, and a crucial topic within Kass' total oeuvre.
Kass revisits Streisand in her My Elvis series, which features an image of Streisand from the film Yentl. Based on Warhol's beloved image of Elvis as a cowboy, Kass' Yentl speaks to a story of rebellion, power disruption, and gender politics. The film Yentl tells the story of a Jewish woman who dresses and lives as a man in order to receive an education in the Talmudic Law, and features a love triangle between herself (dressed as a man), another man, and another woman.
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