A color of Sumac 4

Debra Ramsay
acrylic on Roc-Lon
61 x 42 cm
In February of 2015, Carl Belz of the Left Bank Art Blog wrote about Debra Ramsay, saying: “(Her) vertical clusters and horizontal stacks recall color field paintings from the 1960s by Gene Davis and Kenneth Noland. Debra Ramsay mentioned her…interest in creating an “ego-less” art… a radical ambition at a time when individual empowerment and expression are everywhere promoted in our culture…Against such excess Debra Ramsay sounds an alternative note in describing herself as a meditative agency, “a conduit for the arrangement of shape and the placement of color…”
United States
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A colour, found in nature and mixed into paint with the aid of a computer program, is applied to a surface in appreciation of the colour and the material qualities of paint and its support.

About The Artist

Debra Ramsay is an American contemporary artist known for her abstract works that recall color field paintings from the 1960s.Read More

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IdeelArt is an online only art gallery dedicated to contemporary abstract art, offering a representative selection of qualitative ....Read More
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