Debra Ramsay
1,300 GBP (£)
Acrylic on acrylic panel
9 x 18 x 0.25 Inch
Unique artwork
Perfect. First hand item.
Available For Sale
From the artist\'s studio
United States
abstract,abstract painting
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Each panel is 9 inches square. They hang from a cleat system which makes them appear to “float” off the wall .25 of an inch.

In this ongoing series, Ramsay explores reversed underpainting, a technique she created. Each panel’s underpainting (first sheer layer of color) is one of the colors of the other panels. This is a form of keying, a painters term referring to harmonising colors within a painting. It creates a subtle sense of the panels visually belonging to each other.


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About The Artist

Debra Ramsay is an American contemporary artist known for her abstract works that recall color field paintings from the 1960s.Read More

About The Gallery

IdeelArt is an online only art gallery dedicated to contemporary abstract art, offering a representative selection of qualitative ....Read More
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