Delphine Brabant
1,650 EUR (€)
Sculptures and Ceramics
Plaster sculpture
50 x 51 x 15 cm
Available For Sale
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2014-2015; Silhouettes (2014-2015) is a one-off plaster sculpture by French contemporary artist Delphine Brabant from the 'Raising' series. Dimensions : 50 cm x 51 cm x 15 cm. The artist favors expressionist and minimalist shapes. Her study revolves around the verticality and abandons the representation of the human figure that we find in other works of the series. The forms are simple but at the same time retain their slender character and the dialog they have amongst themselves. Deeply fascinated with the concept of construction, Delphine Brabant composes her abstract sculptures like an architect, assembling and fitting together a multitude of simple forms. Finding inspiration in the verticality, horizontality and the play between solid and space, the artist tends to favor clean geometric shapes, developing her art around a notion of balance.


Asking Price1,650 EUR (€)-

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