C’era una volta il mare (Once upon a time there was the sea) is a photo and video installation. Set between the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Seam the photographic tableau, is divided into 10 squares, of which the 6 lateral ones, culminate with the unauthorized buildings facing the sea. In the center, two sequences interrupted by an energetic beam that separates the actions of a boy, who, challenging his fears, prepares for the dive that will make him become an adult. In the video-poem “Mare dentro. Mare fuori/Sea inside. Sea out “, the young boy dives from the cave of” poetry “in San Foca (Italy), a mythical place that, according to the Apulian tradition, marks the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Poetry comes from the Greek word “Posia” which means source. In the video, marine ecosystem, ancient submerged treasures emerge but also the posthumous remains of a contemporaneity of unbridled consumerism. The dive will allow the boy to become an adult, but… of the same organic matter from which it is launched. Here emerges the eternal functioning of life, the various levels of self-awareness, the positive or negative potential energy, which Buddhists call “Karma”, and which they describe as an impetuous current that interacts with other states of consciousness. and that at deep levels, it returns to manifest itself and affects our creative, destructive, selfish or altruistic thoughts, words and actions on the environment in which we live and on our lives. The video-poem is composed of photographs with text and audio with the sound of the sea. This works is made for the exhibition: Worldview:Antropology of eco-vision" at the Palmieri's Foundation in Lecce and it is published in the catalog of the show.

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