Elizabeth Peyton's work seems to indicate an attitude of fascination and admiration for her subjects, which have included artists, musicians, politicians and other well known cultural figures, historical as well as contemporary. Peyton's pictures also convey a sense of intimacy, of quiet, of a solitary access to those depicted, which would seem to contradict the exposed status of many of her subjects.

The subject of her edition for "Texte zur Kunst" was Elias Bender Ronnefelt, lead singer of the Danish punk band Iceage. The closeness of the relation between the painter and the musician here translates into the making of the work: Peyton produced the print from life in the studio. It is again the characteristic intervention of form that shapes a moment of mutual artistic appreciation (Peyton first came across Ronnefelt when she heard his voice on the radio), and this moment of the live sitting in the studio, into a picture at once forceful and delicate.

This print is sold unframed and in fine condition. Please contact the gallery with any questions.

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