“I AM YOU” is a project presenting a set of artworks, video and photo, flowing from a residence in an abadoned factory where Emanuele Ravagnani patiently harvested and assembled sounds, images and moods which he later redrafted transposing them in his works.

A video in which the artist exposes the fragile border between dream and reality. A state of agitation, two characters but a single person, a naked body and a black figure, the former depicting a pure man, while his antagonist embodies the most profound fears and anguishes.

“Everything began with a dream I had, in fact the video represents a journey in the oniric dimension in which the human being is protagonist.
The scene opens with a man waking up, but he’s actually just dreaming about waking up. The naked man wears no mask, he has no need of any effect nor fiction to express purity, while the man completely coverded in black depicts our utmost fears and anguishes. Between the two intervenes a larva, vomiting all the negative states of mind.”

In the symbol of the black liquid Emanuele Ravagnani places his own quest in experimenting and discovering new things, in order to close the video and make it cyclically start again like the phases of sleep, wakefulness, sound sleep and REM sleep.

Two series of photos, the former realized in digital and colour, inspired by the same character appearing in the video, the latter, in analogic B/W, developed in a darkroom by the artist himself, represents the place where the clip has been shot, both series pictorially re-elaborated with strokes and coverings that modify the image finding place even on the glass.