The Installation called 'Arbeiterschliessfacher' (workers' lockers) was first created for the group exhibition 'Cross the Streets' at Macro Museum (Rome) in 2017. Each locker was spay painted/stenciled individually by the artist on site using disused Italian metal lockers. Each locker is painted on all 4 sides. The Installation was subsequently shown at 'DoppelPlusModern' (August/September 2018), at the Association of German Architects in Dortmund (Bund Deutscher Architekten, Dortmund) and at the Paris 'Urban Art Fair' by Urban Spree Galerie. Arbeiterschließfächer

About The Gallery

Within Urban Spree, the Urban Spree Galerie is a 400 sqm independent contemporary art space. Set in a vast postindustrial compound
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