Good To Know: Rare, professionally framed, stored flat in humidity controlled art storage facility, condition report available upon request.

Arty-Fact: "By 2006, we had found our stride in the studio. We expanded our visual language and storytelling through the lure of untold narratives. Elements of comic book covers, old advertisements, phonebooks, and the back pages of magazines were added to our vocabulary.

From the beginning, we'd watched how the streets affected our work and mde it deteriorate. Colours would drip, bleed, and wilt. Rust from a metal door would creep through an image. Our images would fade and shred to reveal other images underneath. One of the major goals our studio work was to embrace these breakdowns." ~ FAILE

Source: "FAILE: Prints and Originals 1999 - 2009", Published by Gestalten, Berlin, 2010

About The Gallery

Addicted is an art gallery founded by an Australian “Mr” (Blair) and “Mrs” (Elena) living in the buzzing metropolis that
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