Made with acrylic colors, gesso, resins mixed with sands.

This artwork is exclusive to IdeelArt.

Francesca Borgo is an Italian abstract painter whose work revolves around ethereality, texture, atmosphere, and a contemporary investigation of the abstract landscape. Her multivalent studio practice incorporates a range of different aesthetic positions and methods. Her textured paintings are painstakingly built layer by layer, as Borgo rubs in paints, gesso and resins mixed with sand. Within the layers, a variety of finishes, from radiantly shiny to matte, create a vigorous interplay between shadow and light. In her more ethereal paintings, soft layers of acrylics stain the canvas, pulling the eye into cloudy, otherworldly depths. Her abstract landscapes feature distinctive horizon lines, going beyond notions of reality, examining less concrete notions of what is being represented in the liminal space where worlds come together. Borgo also experiments with new media, blending traditional drawing with computer manipulation to create unique digital prints. Her works have been exhibited extensively throughout Italy, as well as in Spain and the UK, and are represented in private collections in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

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