At Last

Francine Tint
2,900 GBP (£)
Acrylic on paper
55.9 x 76.2 x 0 cm
Available For Sale
About a series of new paintings by Tint in a show at Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York in 2015, the distinguished American art writer and educator Piri Halasz wrote in the Observer: “The art world veteran is still pushing the boundaries of the medium, with exciting results. One way or another, the impression conveyed is of a lot of action—more action, in fact, than some of the canvases of those earlier Abstract Expressionists officially known as ‘action painters.’”
United States
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Francine Tint paints with a language of color and motion. It has been said that her paintings “appeal to anyone who loves a combination of textures and colors and knows that color is strictly created by relationships rather than color that is nameable.”

This work on paper is an example of the smaller, more intimate works Tint creates in her airy, light-filled, New York studio. Though she sometimes works on a massive scale, these smaller works allow her to more deeply explore what she calls “short, sharp, staccato bursts of color.”

Tint calls her work as “emotionally visceral.” The painterly gestures in this work embody that sentiment as their intuitive presence projects interpretive layers of feeling. The action and motion in the marks manifest the staccato nature of her process while simultaneously articulating a flowing, united composition.

This work was made in the summer, its thick, sandy, grainy texture reminisces of the beach, as per the artist herself "a craving satisfied like an itch long awaiting to be scratched".



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