In this series Gabriel Rico creates equations replacing the usual characters used to formulate them, by elements lacking of sense in calculus and from this exercise I allude to the aesthetic potential immersed in the composition of this type of language (equations). At the same time I graphically display the compositional and artistic possibilities that are generated from the mixture of different disciplines, in this case applied sciences and graphic art.; In this case the sculpture is postulated as a visual equation without a concrete result, one that accepts the natural beauty of his elements as fundamental symbols for sculptural composition, as parts of the mental calculation that is generated naturally in the viewer when is in front of common mathematical signs in their school experience and some elements that certainly has an experience of life (rocks, knifes, fruits, plates, branches, etc.); The sculptures in this series are not a simple juxtapositions of syllogisms, it is syllogisms placed in a certain order, and the order in which these elements are placed is much more important than the elements themselves. Reducción objetiva orquestada

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