II Mural presents a series of commonplace objects and a handful of arrows (similar to the if and only if arrows in positional logic) pictured on the white expanse of the wall. The link between these volumes and the graphite symbols is puzzling. And though we cannot clearly decipher his general codes, they are nonetheless eloquent and intuitively legible. A Husserlian epoch is at play where the material nature and physical force of 'things' manifests without intervention. The symbols of if and only if are logical connectives more difficult to assimilate and connect with colloquial language. Here, they serve to make 'connections' between the objects, linking these products and suggesting a certain type of value. In reality, there is no logical-rational meaning and they produce only the effect of absurd connection.
Work from this series is represented in the collection of the Voorlinden Museum, Wassenaar, Netherlands.

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