In my practice I have used cloud aesthetics on many occasions, referring to the ability to open up dialogue and ideological freedom, concepts that are fundamental to the understanding and postulation of art. In this series, I explore different types of solid materials used for quite pragmatic purposes such as ceramics and glass, which I use to represent one of the most ethereal materials, steam. In addition to materialize one of the most abstract shapes in nature, trying that by doing it, the figure does not lose the figurative sense or meaning. The title alludes to the embodiment of femininity and the "Meta" prefix, acts as a universal statement about the clouds and their omnipresent condition.; These pieces were elaborated by the expert Javier Rodriguez in the Jarro workshop. -Metawomen-

About The Gallery

OMR was founded in 1983 and through over 400 exhibitions and 20 years of participation in art fairs, has developed
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